Fleet Management: the answer for cross-border transport - Cartrack Namibia

Cross-border transport is a burgeoning issue in Africa, with increased trade and inter-continental business opportunities necessitating the need for reliable and cost-effective transport that will aid business growth across the continent.

One of the most effective means to promote more efficient cross-border transport is to employ a comprehensive fleet management solution.  Cartrack’s global fleet management solution is ideal for all cross-border transport, ensuring that business and fleet owners have control over a process that is often unpredictable. Here are some of the benefits:

  • A fleet management solution will allow businesses to implement real-time monitoring of their vehicles in other countries. As a result, they can more closely monitor driver behaviour and implement appropriate remedial action
  • Through receiving critical information about the general status of their vehicles, fleet managers will have the means to reduce operational costs by promoting better fuel efficiency, improving routing and streamlining reports
  • The prospect of theft is minimised as managers have precise information relating to activities across the border, and can implement appropriate measures to curb illegal actions and threats
  • Customer service is vastly improved as there is far better control of the transport route, resulting in more reliable delivery times and less unnecessary delays
  • General productivity is optimised through the use of efficient time management software, resulting in reduced roaming costs

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