Is your Fleet costing you unnecessary money? | Cartrack Namibia

Is your Fleet costing you unnecessary money?

Do you know how much money is currently being wasted on fuel theft, high fuel use, excessive idling, unnecessary overtime or bad driver behaviour?

Times are tough for businesses; costs are up and competition is fierce. As such, reducing fleet costs and saving money should be your number one goal. With our extensive range of telematics solutions, you can be confident of managing your fleet in the most efficient way possible. Whether you operate a fleet of 20 vehicles or 200 vehicles, Cartrack has a solution for you.

Our solutions for your challenges:

  • Improved security: The Cartrack control room operates 24/7, 365 days a year. We also offer automated alerts for when your vehicle enters a high-risk zone
  • Fleet maintenance: Keeping track of all your fleet vehicles service schedules doesn’t need to be a nightmare. Simply set up automated alerts for service reminders so that you never miss a service again
  • Reduce fuel consumption: Monitor each vehicle’s fuel consumption to keep track of abnormal fuel use, vehicle malfunction or bad driving behaviour
  • Improve customer service: By monitoring your delivery vehicles route, you can manage customer expectations of delivery times. Further, through using real-time data, you can optimise your business
  • Improve productivity: By knowing the location and status of any vehicle, at any time, you can improve your businesses time management and productivity
  • Increase driver and road safety: Monitor and coach drivers to curb reckless driving behaviour, thereby reducing the risk of accidents. Accident reconstruction capabilities will help determine culpability and liability in the event of an accident
  • Reduce carbon footprint: Optimise your fleet’s fuel consumption and kilometres travelled by optimising routes travelled and driver behaviour
  • Reduce labour costs: Easily improve time management of your drivers, monitor overtime and improve the utilisation of your fleet

There’s no need to continue with an unfeasible set-up that results in operational losses and downtime in productivity – fleet management is the key to optimising your fleet concerns.