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Why every Fleet Manager should consider Cartrack

With rising costs in fuel and the cost of living, it’s more important than ever to have proactive measures in place that assist you in optimising your business. For a fleet owner, this point could not be truer. Cartrack has identified the issues that fleet managers face and offers a range of solutions, no matter how big or small your business.

Our sophisticated telematics allows you to track your fleet at any time and to know exactly where they are located and how they are driving thanks to automatic updates. It allows you to be in complete control and manage your fleet from the comfort of your computer or mobile device.

Our fleet solutions are powered by both GSM and GPS technology across our international network which allows for a 24-hour real-time tracking, locating and viewing of your vehicles’ movements.

Catrack’s fleet solutions ultimately increase the productivity and efficiency levels of your workforce.


  • Web-based Software – this enables you to go online and view the current and historic location of your vehicles’ movements.
  • Reports – these are designed to accurately and efficiently assist you in managing your fleet of vehicles.
  • Geofences – these are specific areas selected by you that allow you to define no-go zones or points of interest.
  • Route Replay – this allows you to see the routes that your drivers have used for a particular trip, thereby leading to increased efficiencies owing to the avoiding of route deviations. It also enables increased cost savings as fewer kilometres are driven and there is generally improved driver behaviour.
  • Logbook – this helps you to keep your travelling records that can be used later for tax purposes.
  • Accident Reconstruction – details what the circumstances surrounding the accident were. You are able to view the conditions of the road, the time of the accident, traffic conditions, and location.
  • Service and licence alerts – to remind you when a license is up for renewal or when you require your next maintenance service.
  • Automated Testing – you’ll be notified of any disruptions in service before it is too late. Cartrack will check your units every six days, for your peace of mind.
  • Automated Alerts – Cartrack will alert you to any pre-set vehicle discrepancies, such as driving over the road’s speed limit, driving over the vehicle’s set speed limit, harsh braking, cornering, acceleration and entering and exiting geofences or no-go zones.
  • eToll Reports – these can be generated on demand to monitor your e-toll costs for any specific vehicle/s.
  • Standard Unit Installation Warranty – Cartrack offers a one-year warranty on both the unit and the installation.
  • Data Storage – access historical data via Cartrack’s web-based platform, for the previous six months as well as historical data of up to three years.
  • Training – this is available to all operators of our Fleet Management systems. Training may be held at our offices or at a location of your choice.
  • De-installation and Re-installation Service – in the event of a change of vehicle ownership, or if you wish to transfer your tracking unit from one vehicle to another, Cartrack will de-install/re-install the unit for a minimal fee.

Fleet Managers, prepared with this information, can now focus their attention on improving productivity, reducing costs and managing every aspect of their fleet.