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How Cartrack’s Panic Button saves the day in an emergency

When you’re facing a frightening situation, whether it’s a hijacking or a breakdown, it comforting to know that help is just the press of a button away.

Cartrack’s innovative Panic Button, a device that is compact enough to fit in your pocket or be placed discreetly in your vehicle, is a brilliant solution for these types of situations. It enables faster reactions from our world-class team, who can provide you with life-saving assistance when you need it the most.

How does our Panic Button work?

In an emergency, you simply press the panic button, and a silent alert will be sent to our Control Room. Here, one of our highly trained agents will contact you. He or she will remain with you through the entire situation and dispatch the assistance you need, including a recovery team (if your vehicle is hijacked or stolen).

One of the advantages of Cartrack’s Panic Button is that we can pinpoint your location to within metres, ensuring that emergency response team can get to you as soon as possible. Further, due to the partnerships that we have with many of these responders, we can even assist them in providing the fastest route to where you are. It’s just another way that we provide #PeaceOfMind.

Does Panic button come standard with my Cartrack unit? 

The Panic Button is an additional, optional service that is available on all of Cartrack’s packages. To enquire further about this service, contact Cartrack Namibia on +26 (4) 61 309 092 or email

Enjoy added Peace of Mind with these great products 

The Panic Button is simply one of the many products that Cartrack offers which enhance your vehicle security and give you peace of mind.  At the heart of this offering is our superior tracking and telematics, enhanced by a technologically advanced control room and ever-ready recovery team. You can also benefit from other security features, including:

  • Ignition Sensor – lets you know if someone is trying to start your car without your permission
  • Battery Sensor – real-time battery readings that alert you to the possible theft of either your car or the battery.
  • Low Current Detector – also measures the battery charge in real-time and sends low-battery alerts straight to you.

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