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Why your business needs Mi-Fleet

Administrative work: it’s the biggest hassle and burden in most of our lives, whether we’re talking about domestic admin “work” such as cleaning your house and doing your taxes, or admin work related to your business.

In a business, there is always important, yet time-consuming admin work that needs attention and you’ve probably often thought to yourself more than once: can’t somebody else do it? Well, when it comes to business owners with a large fleet of vehicles, the answer is yes, there is a “somebody else” who can do it for you. It’s a solution from Cartrack that exists in a digital space, and it’s called Mi-Fleet.

This easy-to-use administrative and vehicle cost accounting software will help relieve the administrative burden of your fleet – all on one platform.  It will efficiently manage your fleet, drivers and related operating costs and ultimately transform them to be more informative and effective.

What’s more, through automated integration with Cartrack’s Fleet Management solutions, you can unlock and optimise the full potential of Mi-Fleet’s benefits for your business:

  • Better Information Management – you will enjoy a clean, re-designed interface that creates faster and more efficient data input and lets you effortlessly analyse your information
  • Actionable Data – you can access tools that process your information into smart actionable management reports, so you’re empowered to make knowledgeable decisions
  • Valuable Alerts – you’ll always be in the loop thanks to timely and auto-generated alerts for vehicle maintenance, permit renewals and more via the platform, e-mail or SMS. These reports, which include key information such as cost per kilometre driven, cost per vehicle and historic maintenance, allows you to make well-informed and timely resolutions around your biggest cost drivers
  • Up-to-date Obligations – with all your back-office obligations kept up to date, you will have better control of your fleet


It’s also good to know that Mi-Fleet isn’t rigid; you can tailor it according to your business needs. This includes setting up different permission groups with defined hierarchies, which will mean that everyone in your organisation has access to information that they require, without compromising data security.

And, you will always know how much your fleet is really costing you thanks to the snapshots of important information that can be gathered by configuring dashboard graphics. Ultimately, by inputting vehicle information and costing into one place on the cloud, you can gain access to your fleet anytime, anywhere and have total control.

Contact Cartrack Namibia today to find out how Mi-Fleet can help ease the administrative hassles in your business and unlock its full potential.