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Best practice implementation can save you 15-20%

With the ever-increasing costs of conducting business, fleet owners the world over are looking at ways to reduce their expenses; Cartrack has the answer with its powerful combination of telematics, tracking, reporting and data analysis which can result in various expense reduction strategies.

For most fleet managers and owners, fuel and labour costs are the highest expenses, as the former is unpredictable and the latter is dependent on personality, attitude and ability. Drivers who are not trained correctly, and/or have bad attitudes towards their work and on the road, tend to abuse vehicles resulting in higher on-road running costs that range from more frequent tyre replacement ratio to accidents and those subsequent maintenance costs.

The converse of this is that properly trained drivers, who are properly engaged in the work and have a vested interest in what they do, can actually help save you costs and add to your bottom line. In addition, according to Canadian organisation, The Descartes Systems Group Inc, best practice implementation of both fuel and labour reduction strategies can result in a whopping 15-20% cost savings for fleet operations per annum.

Here are three ways Cartrack can help you reduce your labour costs:

Efficient planning through data analysis

Analysis of time spent on certain routes, and the subsequent costs involved including fuel expenditure, idling time and time at clients, fleet managers can plan better and optimise their workforce to spend less time wasting time, and more time delivering the expected service.

Analysis of data can assist fleet managers in planning better routes and times for vehicles to be on the road. Route management and traffic mapping, powered by Cartrack, can reduce the distance covered by each vehicle.

In addition, a myriad of sensors also provide feedback on what is happening on board your vehicles. A real-world example of this is the temperature sensors which alert you to a change in heat or cold depending on your goods. Once alerted, you can contact your drivers to find out what is happening and take corrective action. This helps keep your cold chain intact, and your clients satisfied.

Driver monitoring and behaviour change

Cartrack’s telematics information can provide feedback on how the vehicle is being driven with reports on acceleration, braking and cornering as well as time spent idling, stuck in traffic and any unplanned or personal stops. Identity tags can also assist in providing data as these show which drivers drove which vehicles, and from there, driver behaviour can be monitored and improved.

On board cameras, particularly those in the cab provide real-world, real-time images and recordings of your drivers’ actions. Using this, fleet owners can draft and implement procedures that can improve driver behaviour, rewarding those who improve their skills or those that consistently go beyond the expected.

The data analysis combined with the camera evidence can be used to determine if KPIs have been met and where the real issues lie so that proper intervention can be made.

Communicator App

This is a hugely valuable tool in your cost reduction arsenal. This handy app allows you to communicate directly with your drivers so you can assign tasks while on the go. Your drivers can also communicate with you on whether the assignment can be carried out or not and reasons for their answers.

The main benefits of Cartrack’s Communicator are:

  • Increased productivity
  • Identification and alleviation of delays
  • Quick and easy changes to workflows
  • Easy breakdown of tasks and process handoffs
  • Improved staff communication and morale
  • Improved legal compliance
  • Elimination of human error
  • Increased operational agility
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced expenses

Reduced labour costs are just one of the many advantages that you can enjoy when you’ve got the world leaders in mobility solutions on your side. Contact us today and put yourself in control.