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4 Easy ways to increase the value of your car before selling

If you are in the market to buy a new car and need to sell your old one, here are some tips to give you the edge and help you get the most value from the sale.

Maintenance: Make sure all services are up to date and that your service book has been stamped and signed by the dealer. If you have replaced tyres, shocks or your battery recently, keep the slips with the service book.

Exterior: Fix minor dents and scratches. By spending a low amount at a panel beater, you could add thousands to the selling price of your vehicle. Have your vehicle polished to buff out minor scratches and make the paint work look brand new.

Interior: Have your seats and carpets cleaned or washed if necessary. If you are a smoker, wipe down all surfaces and put fabric softener in your car to get rid of the smell. It would be worthwhile reupholstering your steering wheel and gear lever if they are damaged.

Checks: It is important to make sure all features in your vehicle are in good working order. Check your headlights, brake lights and indicators as well as electronics inside the vehicle such as electric windows and sunroof. Ensure that no warning lights come on when starting your vehicle. Check basic fluid levels such as oil, windscreen wiper fluid and water.

Once your car is spotless inside and out, get your paperwork together to make the sale process seamless.